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Auf diesen 10 CDs dürfen natürlich Marilin Monroe, Doris Day, Connie Francies, Sophia Loren unter vielen anderen nicht fehlen. Die musikalische Unterhaltung für längere Autofahrten und Feste!
CD 1
1. Doris Day Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera) (Livingston/Evans) 1956
Connie Francis My Happiness (Peterson/Bergantine) 1958 #2
3. Teresa Brewer Musik! Musik! Musik! (Baum/Weiss) 1950 Nr. 1
4. Petula Clark Sailor (Scharfenberger/Busch/West) 1960
The McGuire Sisters Sugartime (Echols/Phillips) 1957
Alma Cogan Why Do Fools Fall In Love (Lymon/Merchant/Santiago) 1956
Les Paul & Mary Ford Vaya Con Dios (James/Pepper/Russell) 1953
Gogi Grant The Wayward Wind (Lebowsky/Newman) 1956
Georgia Gibbs Dance With Me Henry (Ballard/James/Otis) 1955
Marilyn Monroe Diamonds Are A Girl es Best Friend (Robin/Styne) 1953
11. Connie Francis Jealous Of You (Harper/Mascheroni/Mendes) 1960
The Chordettes No Wheels (Wilkin) 1958
13. Jane Morgan The Day The Rains Came (Becaud/Sigman) 1958
Shirley Bassey Kiss Me Honey, Honey Kiss Me (Julien/Michael/Timothy) 1958
Teresa Brewer The Banjo es Back In Town (Shuman/Shuman/Brown) 1955
Peggy Lee Fever (Cooley/Davenport) 1958
Doris Day Secret Love (Webster/Fain) 1954 Nr. 1
18. Janis Martin Love And Kisses (Moore/Davie/Green) 1957
19. Lavern Baker Tweedle Dee (Scott) 1955
Debbie Reynolds Tammy (Livingston/Evans) 1957

Connie Francis Everybody es Somebody es Fool (Greenfield/Keller) 1960
Alma Cogan Bell Bottom Blues (David/Carr) 1954
The Chordettes Mister Sandman (Ballard) 1954
Doris Day Everybody Loves A Lover (Adler/Allen) 1958
Shirley Bassey Banana Boat Song (Darling/Carey/Arkin) 1957
Teresa Brewer Let Me Go Lover (Carson/Hill) 1954
Rosemary Clooney Mambo Italiano (Merrill) 1954 Nr. 1
8. Kay Starr Rock and Roll Waltz (Alfred/Allen) 1955
Connie Francis My Heart Has A Mind Of It es Own ( ) 1960
Marilyn Monroe My Heart belongs To Daddy (Porter) 1960
11. Patti Page The Tennessee Waltz (King/Stewart) 1950
Jo Stafford Make Love To Me (Brunis/Copeland/Maris/Melrose/Pollack) 1954 Nr. 1
13. Petula Clark With All My Heart (DeAngelis/Marcucci) 1957 Nr. 4
14. Wanda Jackson Savin’ My Love (Jackson) 1959
15. Doris Day Sentimental Journey (Brown/Homer/Green) 1944 Nr. 1
16. Kitty Wells Release Me (Miller/Williams/Yount) 1954
Ruth Brown 5 – 10 – 15 Stunden (Toombs) 1952
The Fontane Sisters Hearts Of Stone (Jackson/Ray) 1954
Janis MartinI’ll Never Be Free (Benjamin/Weiss) 1957
20. Connie Francis Frankie (Sedaka/Greenfield) 1959

Teresa Brewer The Hula Hoop Song (Kohler/Maduri) 19558
Ruth Brown Teardrops From My Eyes (Toombs) 1950
Doris Day Cheek To Cheek (Berlin) 1958
4. Georgia Gibbs I’m Walkin’ The Floor Over You (Tubb) 1957
Connie Francis Carolina Moon (Davis/Burke) 1958
6. Brenda Lee One Step At A Time (Ashley) 1957
Wynona Carr Should I Ever Love Again (Cockell/Gates) 1957
Petula Clark Plötzlich gibt es ein Tal (Meyer/Jones) 1955
Lavern Baker My Happiness Forever (Pomus) 1956
Marilyn Monroe Jedes Baby braucht einen Da-Da-Daddy (Roberts) 1954
11. Patti Page All My Love (Durand/Parish) 1950
Connie Francis Malaguena (Lecuona) 1960
Janis Martin Half Loved (Stanley/Fitzsimmons) 1957
14. Teresa Brewer You Send Me (Cooke) 1957
The Davis Sisters I Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know (Null) 1953 .
Doris Day It es Magic (Cahn/Styne) 1948 17. Brenda Lee Hummin’ The Blues Over You (Harrison) 1960
18. Connie Francis Singing The Blues (Endsley) 1959
19. Shirley Bassey Fire Down Below (Lee/Washinton) 1957
Alma Cogan I Can’t Tell A Waltz From A Tango (Manning/Hoffman) 1954

Alma Cogan Train Of Love (Anka) 1960
Brenda Lee Rock-A-Bye Baby Blues (Wilson) 1957
3. Connie Francis I’m Sorry I Made You Cry (Clesi) 1958
Janis Martin Hard Times Ahead (Mann/Sherman) 1960
5. Doris Day Kissen Gespräch (Pepper/James) 1959
6. Ruth Brown Jack O’Diamonds (Leiber/Stoller) 1959
Teresa Brewer Till I Waltz Again With You (Prosen) 1952
Patti Page Allegheny Moon (Hoffman/Manning) 1956
Connie Francis Many Tears Ago (Scott) 1960
Marilyn Monroe Alexander es Ragtime Band (Berlin) 1955
11. Faye Adams Shake A Hand (Morris/Morris) 1953
Alma Cogan Dreamboat (Hoffman) 1955 Nr. 1
13. Georgia Gibbs Seven Lonely Days (Shuman/Shuman/Brown) 1953
Bonnie Guitar Mister Fire Eyes (Gitarre/Miller) 1957
Lavern Baker Bumble Bee (Fullylove/Baker) 1960
Jo Stafford (Now And Then There es) A Fool As I (Trader) 1953
Doris Day Bewitched (Rodgers/Hart) 1950
Kay Starr Side By Side (Woods) 1953
Vera Lynn Der treue Husare (Franzen) 1957
Petula Clark Alone (Brown/Freed) 1957

Les Paul & Mary Ford Mockingbird Hill (Horton) 1951
Teresa Brewer A Sweet Old Fashioned Girl (Merrill) 1956
Doris Day Teacher es Pet (Lubin) 1958
Pearl Bailey Es braucht zwei zu Tango (Hoffman/Manning) 1952
Lavern Baker I Can’t Love You Enough (Burton/Plummer/Baker) 1956 Nr. 7
6. Alma Cogan Cowboy Jimmy Joe (Scharfenberger/Busch) 1960
Brenda Lee Weep No More My Baby (Loudermilk/Wilkin) 1959
8. Petula Clark Baby Lover (Merrell) 1958
Patti Page I Went To Your Wedding (Robinson) 1952
Marilyn Monroe I’m Through With Love (Kahn/Malneck/Livingston) 1955
11. Janis Martin Billy Boy, My Billy Boy (Davie/Moore) 1957
12. Connie Francis Senza Mamma (Brown/Donadio) 1960
Ruth Brown Daddy, Daddy (Toombs) 1952
Alma Cogan Go On By (Hamblen) 1955
Doris Day Canadian Capers (Chandler/White/Cohen) 1949
Lavern Baker I Waited Too Long (Sedaka/Greenfield) 1959
Teresa Brewer Ricochet (Coleman/Darion/Gimble) 1953
Brenda Lee Wee Wee Willies (Selbst) 1960
19. Connie Francis Young Love (Joyner/Cartey) 1959
20. The Chordettes Just Between You And Me (Lee/Keller) 1957

The Chordettes Lollipop (Dixon/Ross) 1958
Lavern Baker That es All I Need (Chase/Baker/Biggs) 1955
The Bell Sisters The Wheel of Fortune (Benjamin/Weiss) 1952
Alma Cogan The Story Of My Life (Bacharach/David) 1958
Doris Day Hoop De Doo (Loesser/DeLugg) 1950
Brenda Lee St. Louis Blues (Handy) 1959
7. Teresa Brewer ATear Fell (Burton/Randolph) 1956 Nr. 7
8. Bonnie Guitar Dark Moon (Miller) 1957
Kitty Wells I’ll Always Be Your Fraulein (Bodkin/Williams) 1957
Marilyn Monroe Runnin’ Wild (Gibbs/Grey/Woods) 1959
11. Patti Page (How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window (Merrill) 1953
Petula Clark The Little Shoemaker (Revil/LeMarque/Parsons/Turner) 1954
Lavern Baker I Cried A Tear (Julia) 1958
Patsy Cline Walking After Midnight (Block/Hecht) 1957 Nr. 2
15. Connie Francis I Almost Lost My Mind (Jäger) 1959
16. Ruth Brown It es Love Baby (24 Stunden ein Tag) (Jarrett) 1955
Alma Cogan Twenty Tiny Fingers (Tepper/Bennett) 1955
Lavern Baker Tiny Tim (Baker/Bradford) 1960
Doris Day A Guy Is A Guy (Brand) 1952
Janis Martin Let es Elope Baby (Griffin) 1956

CD 7
1. Sophia Loren Bing Bang Bong (Livingston/Evans) 1958
2. Teresa Brewer Jilted (Colby/Manning) 1954
Peggy Lee Lover (Hart/Rodgers) 1952
Doris Day Sugarbush (Marais) 1952
Janis Martin Teen Street (Barnes/Adams) 1960
6. Connie Francis Who es Sorry Now (Snyder/Ruby/Kalmar) 1958
Patti Page Changing Partners (Darion/Coleman) 1953
Petula Clark Mallorca (Caste/Pierre/Lehmann) 1955
Brenda Lee That es All You Gotta Do (Reed) 1960
Marilyn Monroe Some Like It Hot (Malneck/Diamond) 1959
11. Ruth Brown Why Me (Benton/Hendricks/Mack) 1958
Alma Cogan Never Do A Tango With An Eskimo (Connor) 1955 13. Lavern Baker Still (Burton/Plummer) 1956 Nr. 4
14. Goldie Hill I Let The Stars Get In My Eyes (Franks/Suber/Hill/Willett) 1953
The Bell Sisters Hambone (Saunders/Washington) 1952
Doris Day Mister Tap Toe (Gilkyson/Dehr/Miller) 1952
Kitty Wells I Can’t Stop Loving You (Gibson) 1957
Marlene Dietrich & Rosemary Clooney Too Old To Cut The Senf (Carlisle) 1952
Connie Francis Mama (Barlow/Bixio/Brito/Cherubini) 1960
Teresa Brewer Bo Weevil (Bartholomew/Domino/Domino) 1956

Marilyn Monroe I Want to Be Loved By You (Stothart/Ruby/Kalmar) 1959
2. Rosemary Clooney Botch-A-Me (Marbelli/Astore) 1952 Nr. 2
3. The Fontane Sisters I’m In Love Again (Bartholomew/Domino) 1956
Doris Day By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (Madden/Edwards) 1953
5. Brenda Lee My Baby Likes Western Guys (Dee) 1960
6. Alma Cogan Willie Can (Bryant/Bryant) 1956
Ruth Brown Bye Bye Young Men (Dossie) 1954
Lavern Baker Play It Fair (Campbell) 1955
Patti Page Cross Over The Bridge (Benjamin/Weiss) 1954
Kitty Wells Searching (For Someone Like You) (Maddux) 1956
Margie Day Little Red Rooster (Burnett/Dixon) 1951
Teresa Brewer Bell Bottom Blues (Carr/David) 1954
June Valli Crying In The Chapel (Glenn) 1953
The Chordettes Born To Be With You (Robertson) 1956
Janis Martin All Right Baby (Glasser) 1957
16. Kitty Kallen In The Chapel In The Moonlight (Dash) 1954
Cathy Carr Elfenbeinturm (Fulton/Steele) 1956 Nr. 2
18. Doris Day Let es Walk That-A-Way (Wise/Weisman/Twomey) 1953
19. Brenda Lee Kansas City (Leiber/Stoller/Rodgers) 1960
20. Connie Francis Teddy (Anka) 1960

Barbara Evans Souvenirs (Coben) 1959
Doris Day When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along (Woods) 1953
3. Jo Stafford Jambalaya (Williams) 1952
Janis Martin Love Me Two Pieces (Endsley) 1957
5. Connie Francis You’re going to Miss Me (Curtis) 1959
Brenda Lee I’m Sorry (Albritton/Selbst) 1960
Teresa Brewer Empty Arms (Jäger) 1957
Patti Page Detour (Westmoreland) 1951
The Fontane Sisters Rock Love (Glover) 1955
Marilyn Monroe River Of No Return (Newman/Darby) 1954
11. Ruth Brown I Want To Do More (Leiber/Stoller) 1955
Lavern Baker Tra La La (Parker) 1956 Nr. 1
13. Kitty Wells Paying For That Backstreet Affair (Wallace/Rule) 1953
Faye Adams I’ll Be True (Morris/Lemore) 1953
Alma Cogan In The Middle Of The Of The House (Hilliard) 1956
Rosemary Clooney Half As Much (Williams) 1952
The McGuire Sisters Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight (Hudson/Carter) 1954
Doris Day Choo-Choo Train (Fonteray/Lawrence) 1953
Edith Piaf La Vie En Rose (Louiguy/Piaf) 1950
Connie Francis God Bless America (Berlin) 1959

Rosemary Clooney This Ole House (Hamblen) 1954
Teresa Brewer Anymore (McAlpin/Drusky/Wilson) 1960
Kitty Wells It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels (Miller) 1952 Nr. 1
4. Doris Day If I Give My Heart to You (Crane/Jacobs/Brewster) 1954 Nr. 4
5. The McGuire Sisters Muskrat Ramble (Gilbert/Ory) 1954
Connie Francis If I Didn’t Care (Lawrence) 1959

The Fontane Sisters Rollin’ Stone (Riley) 1955
Patti Page Old Cape Cod (Rothrock/Yakus/Jeffrey) 1957 Nr. 7
10. Marilyn Monroe That Old Black Magic (Arlen/Mercer) 1956
11. Kay Starr The Man Upstairs (Manners/Stanley) 1954
Eve Boswell Pickin’ A Chicken (Bernfield/Mortimer/Roberts) 1955
Janis Martin Cracker Jack (Harris) 1958
14. Lavern Baker Get Up, Get Up (Breedlove/White) 1956
Teresa Brewer Have You Ever Been Lonely (DeRose/Brown) 1960
Eartha Kitt Under The Bridges Of Paris (Cochran/Scotto) 1955 Nr. 7
17. Connie Francis Among My Souvenirs (Leslie/Nicholls) 1959
Ruth Brown Sweet Baby Of Mine (Sharp) 1956
Doris Day Ready, Willing And Able (Rinker/Huddleston/Gleason) 1954
20. The Fontane Sisters Playmates (Dowell) 1955


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